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Watching Apollo grow from conception and being a part of that has been an awesome gift. I was born and raised here in Kansas City. Being the youngest of four has really taught me the importance of perseverance and to strive to always do my best in whatever endeavor I tackle. I have played sports all of my life including collegiate baseball at Rockhurst University.

I have completed my undergraduate in Financial markets and Economic Analysis at Rockhurst University. This program is ranked 12th in the nation. After going to Rockhurst High School and then onto Rockhurst University, it has been instilled in me to be a man for others. In this job, I can clearly be just that. Helping others get the best insurance that fits within their budget and assuring them of coverage in the event an issue that should arise in their life that requires medical attention. Although I have spent significant time assisting individuals and families, my specialty is to work with the small business owners in crafting affordable benefit offerings for their employees.

Working with other members of the team is so much fun and I enjoy being a part of a group that truly love what they do. Apollo is a unique company that strives to meet the needs of their clients and I love providing solutions to Individuals, families, and businesses. I consider it a great joy to positively impact people's lives!

Vice President

Apollo Insurance Group


What makes Apollo different? Get to know us, learn about Apollo Health Insurance and how we're different. We help all clients secure the best coverage at an affordable price. We offer both on and off exchange products and are associated with most insurance companies in the industry. Most people do not know it will cost you the same to independently sign yourself up for health insurance as it does to use Apollo Insurance Group. We are experts in this industry and do whatever we can to be your helpful, trusted, and knowledgeable advisor.


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