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I lost it all in 2010. What a year! Perhaps you have read my blog post The Perfect Storm [] wherein I describe my TRIPLE WHAMMY of being run over by a truck with the global financial markets meltdown, hit by the train of a huge love loss, and, promptly upon dusting myself off, having the figurative nuclear bomb go off with my daughter being diagnosed with cancer (p.s. she now scans clean). It has taken me years to get my bearings.

I have been a professional coach and corporate trainer since 2001. That career began as a result of being called upon to mentor individuals in the success principles that I used throughout my adult life to live a thriving, highly-successful, personal and professional life of real estate developer, business owner, husband and father.

Since founding my first company at age 19, I have bought and sold 16 companies and ventures and negotiated hundreds of million-dollar+ deals. My professional career has included teen-preneur, small business owner, investor, philanthropist, and commercial real estate developer of mixed-use projects, high-rise office buildings and master planned communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Kansas City. I am now regarded as an authority on financing, investing, negotiating, and business strategies.

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Success Series LLC

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Success Series is a transformational coaching and training company helping you Grow Your Life and Build Your Business by getting clear and focused on what you want, why you want it, and how to create it.


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