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We are a cellular nutrition company on a mission to encourage people to take better care of their health. Our philosophy is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise. When you put in good nutrition, the body responds appropriately. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight or just feel better than you do now.

We have a gourmet protein smoothie bar, thermogenic energy teas, immunity products, nutritional supplements and a sports nutrition line.

Our shakes are meal replacements that are 24g plant based, protein, with 21 vitamins & minerals, low carbs with no added sugar —keeping you full for up to 3 hours and under 250 calories! Great for nutrition, energy & fitness.

Our supplements are high quality, science based products that meet pharmaceutical grade standards of purity & no fillers. We have targeted supplements for men, women & children, and for new moms. Our products work in concert with any “diet” including vegan.

We also do FREE wellness scans & create meal plans to assist our clients with starting their healthy journey.

We foster a healthy community, have a fun, friendly environment and sponsor activities like walking clubs, fit camp, weight loss challenges, etc, and we engage with community partners to assist us in educating clients on living a healthy lifestyle( Pilates, yoga, cycling, medical & wellness tips).

You can help by:
1. Scheduling your FREE wellness scan today to start your journey.

2: We love referrals! Our nutrition is for everyone. We can’t live well without essential vitamins & nutrients and need strong immune systems today.

3. Know of anyone looking for a better income opportunity? We need Nutrition Club Owners and we’re willing to teach & train our operations to become an location owner within 10-12 months of joining our team!

We gratefully appreciate your support!

Pete & Diane Peoples


Longview Nutrition

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Hello, we are Pete & Diane Peoples and have lived in the Lees Summit area for nearly 20 years. We opened Longview Nutrition in 2013, after both receiving great results on our personal health. Together we’ve lost over 115 lbs and made the decision to help others learn more about nutrition and wellness to improve and take control of their own health. Retiring from Healthcare and Insurance industries, and with ongoing training from our company doctors & medical review board, we’ve taken this knowledge and training to help others.

We have a mission of providing healthier nutrition in every community in the greater Kansas City area and nationwide. In 2021, our goal is to open 10-15 nutrition centers. We look to connect with health conscious individuals to become nutrition club owners and embrace our vision to help others improve their health.


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