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Ken owns Picture This Video. Store front located in Belton Missouri across the street from the China Star buffet. Ken Specializes in old 8mm and super 8mm film transfer using the state of the art Retroscan film scanner. Your film is scanned in High Definition as an MP4 Video file. Ken also converts those old camcorder and VHS tapes to DVD, Bluray and USB stick or external hard drive. Ken personally does all of the work to ensure your families precious memories are converted to the best quality available.


Picture This Video

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Picture This Video has been in business since 1987. Currently located in a store front location at 8437 Clint Drive, Belton Missouri 64012. We specialize in Memory Archaeology. You dig up those old VHS and camcorder tapes, that old 8mm family film and we will convert those precious family memories to DVD, CD, USB or external hard drive. We preserve your families precious memories Professionally. We are you Memory Archaeologist.


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